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First electric scooter scrapyard in Ireland and Europe. Get second hand parts for your eScooter at great prices. All our parts are tested.

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Want to buy refurbished or second hand eScooter or upgrade current one? We might have deal for you.

In case of any probles you can EXCHANGE your eScooter within 28 days.

Recycle your old eScooter with us.

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We buy working or faulty second hand eScooters!

Unwanted gift or eScooter tha’st just not being used and its taking up space. Contact us and we will send out our Mobile Unit to do on spot valuation of your electric scooter if possible. If not they will pick eScooter up and bring to out workshop for valuation. Just a quick reminder that we can take in any eScooter without copy of ID.

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Tyre pressore calculator by

First detailed tyre pressure calculator for Xiaomi m365 and similar eScooters with 8.5 inch tyres. Avoid punctures. Did you know that 9 out of 10 puntures are caused by too low tyre pressure. Monitor your tyre pressure regularly.