Irish first eScoot repair centre.

Except standard repairs we offer customisations, upgrades and modifications. Specialists for Xiaomi, but we can also help with most other scooter brands.

eScoot Cork

eScoot is coming to Cork

Now you can get your eScooter fixed in Cork. We offer express Xiaomi repairs and all other eScooter repairs.

Cork repairs are operating by appoitment only at the moment.

eScoot now offers on the go repairs and collection services. Contact us today for more info.

Abandoned eScooter policy.

What if I cant pick up eScooter straight away after repair is done?

Once your eScooter is fixed our system will send you automatic message informing you about repair and final cost and your eScooter is ready for collection from that same moment. Anyways if you can’t pick it up straight away we will store it for you for another 30 days. After 30 days eScooters not collected will be considerred abandoned and will be disposed. First 15 days of storage are free of charge but additional 15 days of storage can be charged.

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Tyre pressore calculator by

First detailed tyre pressure calculator for Xiaomi m365 and similar eScooters with 8.5 inch tyres. Avoid punctures. Did you know that 9 out of 10 puntures are caused by too low tyre pressure. Monitor your tyre pressure regularly.